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The Ezviz C6T wireless surveillance camera is a new type of surveillance camera with many great capabilities such as Controlling the camera angle up to 360 °, 2 million pixel resolution with a 7-layer correction lens, so you get vivid images. HD clear pictures. Installation via mobile phone is as simple as scanning the QR Code through the application. Chatting – Listen to sounds as if they were near each other. Read ” Introduce all the capabilities of the C6T camera here.

The wireless camera model EZVIZ C6T can track smartly.

It can be said that at present (12/2/2019), there is no IP camera that has the most complete set of machines equal to This surveillance camera Regardless of where you install it in the room If the camera detects movement The camera will automatically follow the movement. Make no blind spots While recording and alerting people registered with this camera at the same time And can also be recorded with video and audio separately

Works well even in low light

You can take care of your loved ones better and more clearly with the Smart Infrared function, so you can see the picture clearly even when there is no light, even a little help or choose to talk – talk through the application on the phone. Can hold of you Allowing you to get closer to your loved ones

Support Privacy mode

Sometimes you need privacy. Just turn on the Privacy mode. The camera will automatically turn the lens away. To give you more privacy And can also be controlled via a horizontal camera angle of up to 360 ° in the vertical direction up to 90 ° or choose the patrol mode. When turned on, the camera will pan left – right. Automatically until you stop.

Easy to install
Control camera
Free apps
Cloud support
Supports 128G
WIFI support
Support NVR

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